The Classroom Challenge is our annual fall fundraiser to raise money for the CMS Education Foundation. In 2022, we not only met our goal of $22K but raised over $32K! This year we hope to raise $23K! The CMS Education Foundation will invest the funds raised back into our students’ classrooms! Each week, the team that raises the most money will be rewarded with a Chick-Fil-A breakfast and we will have a school-wide party if we reach our $23K goal!!

The money we raised in the past has funded the following:

  • New Audio Visual equipment for the stage in the cafeteria, as shown in the video below, used for group presentations, training sessions, concerts, etc.
  • Supplemental learning products and materials including online subscriptions such as IXL;
  • Guitars, instructional books, and music stands for band, orchestra, and chorus rooms;
  • STEM program funding including rockets for launching;
  • Funding for language programs and software needs;
  • Inspirational speakers including inviting an author to speak to teams that read the book as part of their curriculum;
  • Professional development, through funding for teachers and counselors, to attend professional conferences; and,
  • Outdoor seating and tables provide a safe area for students to socialize during the pandemic.

We would like to send a big shout-out to the City of Chamblee for making these celebrations possible!

Dear Chamblee Community,

I would like to thank you for your continued support of Chamblee Middle School this year, as we can’t be successful without your involvement. Because of your support, we have been able to further our mission of providing a quality educational experience that meets the individual needs of our students and is supported by the home and community.

This year we are excited to encourage participation in the annual fall fundraiser once again to raise money for the CMS Education Foundation. Each year has been successful and we hope to meet or exceed the set goal this year! The money raised by this event will allow the Education Foundation to invest back into our students’ classrooms in exciting ways. As a valued member of the Chamblee community, I am writing to ask for your support with this event.

Your support will help ensure that our school, teachers, and students receive funding for a wide variety of needs that will focus on school improvement and student achievement. We anticipate reaching our goal of raising $23,000 through this event, topping the $23,000 goal last school year. It is part of a local effort by the CMS Education Foundation to help Chamblee Middle School reach its full potential through family-community-school partnerships.

Last year’s Classroom provided some funding for the following:

•New AV equipment upgrade for the cafeteria

•STEM rockets, gemstones, and books for students

•Software licenses/training for teachers

•Funding to support field trips

•Gifted teacher incentives

Do not miss this chance to help support our school as we continue to find creative and fun ways to meet our full potential. We look forward to your participation in the Fall Classroom Challenge to raise money for the CMS Education Foundation.


Brenton Williams,


Chamblee Middle School